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New Year's Celebration 2023

December 31

Come join us for a New Years Celebration! Come by yourself, or bring the entire family for a time of fun and worship! Celebration will begin with Check-in at 5:00 and supper at 6:00 followed by a worship service. After the service you can spend time with your family and friends playing games such as table games, ping pong, foosball, etc. Fireworks at 10 pm (Midnight New York time) followed by a worship/communion service to bring in the New Year.

Once the service ends, you can head home. If you will be traveling a distance to get here, you are welcome to spend the night in one of our rooms along with other guests. We will provide breakfast for those spending the night.


Because winter can be unpredictable here in Wyoming, those who are planning to head home after the celebration should bring the items on the packing list in case you need to stay the night due to changing weather.

We will be accepting donations during the celebration to help cover the cost and to further the ministry here at Camp Bethel.

Packing List If Staying Overnight

  • Sleeping Bag or bedding (twin bed) & Pillow

  • Toiletries

  • Towel

  • Very Warm Clothes For Outdoor Activities



Check-in                      -  5:00 pm or after

Supper                         -  6:00 pm

Worship service         -  7:15 pm

Family time                 -  8:30 pm

Bonfire                         -  10:00 pm

Fireworks                     -  10:30 pm

Communion Service  -  11:00 pm

(Communion will be timed to take place at midnight)

Head home or stay in a cabin - 1:00 am

Breakfast for those who spent the night will be served at 9 am


We will be accepting donation to help pay for this awesome event!

Thank you for your registration! We will see you soon!

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